Wednesday, 11 February 2009

13. Nizipli Deli Mehmet

"Mad" Mehmet from Nizip, a town close to Urfa in southern Anatolia, singing "Gitti kish, geldi bahar", "Winter is going, Spring is coming", as recorded in the 1920s or -30s.

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  1. Great Music! I have several of Nizipli Deli Mehmet's original records. Last year, in 2009, I researched in Nizip. After a couple of days, with the help of Mehmet, the chief of lthe local Zabita, I found Nizipli Deli Mehmet's 83 years old daughter who told me about her father's life. She did not have a photo of him, because there was no photographer in that part of the country back then, but instead a large professionally made, pencil drawn portrait of him (I have photos of it). This portrait was specifically made for Sahibinin Sesi record company, but it has never been published.